Hello world!

Hello world. I’m Lee.


I’m a mum of two (son “D Major” age 9, and daughter “D Minor” age 7), living in Dunedin.

Living a simple life – with kids! – is a journey. It’s not a destination. Simple living is not about looking at some person who lives with only the belongs in their backpack and saying, “That’s where I want to be.” It’s about travelling a life where we’ve all three of us made a conscious decision to put people and relationships before belongings.

“Make a conscious decision to put people and relationships before belongings…”

Simple living helps us make sense of the madness. Everywhere you look, there are signals telling us to Buy! Buy! Buy! Society tells us that a person has more value if they own more, have a bigger house, a flashier car.

I disagree. I believe a person’s value comes from within.

Once we have our basic needs met, more belongings don’t make us happy. I find they have the opposite effect – they bog us down, cost us time and effort in management and maintenance and worry. With simplicity comes freedom.

It’s up to every family to decide what level of simplicity is right for them. For me, I don’t like owing people money. I like owning the things I possess. One of my goals is to own my home as quickly as possible, and to not owe a red cent to anyone. I believe in living well and eating healthy, but actual possessions – they mean little to me.

I hope you’ll join me on my adventures in simple living – with kids! Life should be lighthearted and fun and free – not weighed down with stuff.

I’m looking forward to sharing our journey with you.

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