My Last Will And Testament

What will you leave the next generation?

I have to write a new will. My old will was a joint will between my husband and myself, and now we’re parting ways (amicably), I’ll need a new will drawn up.

My children will do well. Barring any major disasters, they’ll inherit a reasonable amount of property and assets from me. They may even inherit from grandparents – I’m hoping my parents will live a long life yet, and I’ll be able to pass anything I inherit from them straight through to my children.

But what about stuff that really matters? I want to leave my children clean water, clean air, a safe and wholesome food supply. I want them to hear birdsong in the morning their whole lives.

“Every child has the right to see a sky full of stars.”

Not just my children. When I hear about children in China who have never seen the stars because of the pollution, my heart aches. A clear night sky full of starlight is a gift all humanity should share.


I am just one person. Yet I can’t help thinking I’ve made some poor choices in my life. I’ve taken more than my fair share of resources. I’ve been thoughtless when I’ve dumped rubbish. I haven’t cared when buying cleaners for my home.

I don’t think any of us can be perfect, but maybe we can aim to be a little bit better, year by year.

In the end, the earth and its resources are our real Last Will And Testament. The rest is just stuff. But healthy soil, clean rivers, a sea full of life – all these things have real value. Our small decisions can have a big impact.


I want to be proud of my Will. I think, with small changes, little by little, I can be.

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