Simple cleaning

Those fancy brand name products sure lure you in, don’t they?

I started switching over to green cleaning products a few years ago. Apart from a few hiccups along the way, I haven’t looked back.

I’ll post all the recipes here, with easy links to PDFs as soon as I get around to it. Sure, the recipes are online all over the place, but here they’ll be all in one place, so no unnecessary clicking.

I make my own dishwasher powder and rinse aid (did you know that white vinegar is the best rinse aid all by itself? Try it!), as well as my own washing powder. For everyday cleaning I use basics like bicarb soda, white vinegar, lemon juice, ammonia, plain basic dishwashing liquid, hydrogen peroxide, and sea salt.

“White vinegar is the best rinse aid for your dishwasher. All by itself. Nothing else needed.”


I’ve found the natural products to be just as good as anything available in the supermarket at big prices.

For me, changing to simple products started with wanting to be more “green”, but as time has gone on I’ve appreciated the benefit of not having to buy so many single purpose products – have you noticed that the same company will make a “glass cleaner” as well as a “window cleaner” product in the same range? That’s crazy!

My cupboards have more room and I can store everything in a “go to” cleaning caddy for every cleaning purpose inside the home. I’m saving lots of money every year!

I can’t imagine going back to manufactured cleaners. I think my home is safer – and cleaner – for the switch.

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