Our simple diet

I’m not much of a cook.

Our typical meals consist of protein, vegetables and grain of some sort. If the protein is meat, I usually just grill or bake, occasionally with some spices (I love Moroccan seasoning!), but as I limit my spice range to nine jars (as that’s the number of jars I have), I keep things pretty simple in flavourings too.

We also stick to a plan. So:

Mondays: Egg night

Tuesdays: Taco Tuesdays

Wednesdays: Vegetarian

Thursdays: Chicken

Fridays: Fish

Saturdays: Meat

Sundays: Soup (and pancakes for breakfast!)

The plan helps keep things easy, and I know what I’m cooking each week. It takes the stress and brainwork away.

I buy cheaper cuts of meat, to save money. So we often eat chicken drumsticks, thighs or tenderloins for our chicken, and fish is often hoki. If we buy steak we serve small portions – cutting the portion size of meat is a good way of keeping costs down too.

I fill the kids up on grains: we eat lots of rice, pasta, quinoa, bread, couscous. They’re big fans of anything starchy, and these foods are warm and filling.

I’m also a big fan of veggies: we eat a lot of vegetables, although in winter we subsist mainly on frozen veggies to save money (carrots, beans, corn, peas…). In summer, salads are on the plate with practically every meal.

We also eat a lot of fruit. I stick with what is seasonal and local. It’s fresher, tastes better and is cheaper. My kids take a piece of fruit to school every day, and have fruit and raw vegetables (carrots usually) as after school snacks. I east fruit as snacks when I’m hungry.

I don’t buy chips, cakes, biscuits or other junk food: it’s too expensive, and not healthy. The kids don’t miss it because they’ve never had it. Occasionally we’ll bake cupcakes (my daughter loves to decorate them), but I am not a home baker.

My kids drink water. So do I. I’m not a hot drink person at all, although occasionally I’ll have a green tea, but I do like my water with a squeeze of lemon juice in it. Yum.

I believe simple eating is best. If I want a fancy meal, I’ll save up for it and go out to a restaurant with friends. But food isn’t a huge part of my life. It’s not important to me. I enjoy simple food, cooked well. That’s enough for us 🙂

I can't wait for summer...and salads!
I can’t wait for summer…and salads!

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