What Project 333 has taught me about myself…

I’ve been doing Project 333. It has taught me a lot about myself.

Firstly, the big clearout of my wardrobe was sad. So many clothes! So many of them barely worn, some even (I hate to admit it) with the tags still in.

But the first big clearout taught me a lot. Most of all, it taught me I actually have a style!

I have a style!
I have a style!

I’m a jeans and t-shirts girl. I’m casual. Even at work I’m casual. Luckily I’m a writer by trade, and we writers can get away with being a bit more casual than, say, a lawyer might. I’ll swap the t-shirts for shirts at work, but that’s about as classy as it gets.

I don’t suit trousers. I suit jeans.

I like patterned, vintage shirts. They suit me. The bright colours look terrific on me. They’re what I feel truly comfortable in. As much as I’ve heard about everyone needing a crisp white shirt, maybe some of us don’t look that great in white. I’m one of those people.

I like leather jackets. I have two: one black (a biker jacket), one brown. I live in them.

I like riding boots, motorcycle boots – any boots! I live in them.

Ugh skirts! I don’t wear skirts, but summer dresses are casual enough for me to feel comfortable.

I don’t wear jewelry. Like, ever.


Who would have thought that a big pile of unworn clothes could teach me so much? 🙂

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