What purpose has a throw pillow anyway?

What purpose has a throw pillow?

Yes, I know they’re supposed to be decorative, but really they’re a nuisance.

Think about it: if they’re on your sofa, they take up seating space, and people are always pushing them out of the way.

If they’re on your bed, you must take them off the bed before sleeping. Then, when you make the bed in the morning, you must rearrange the throw pillow(s) back on the bed again.

Mindless clutter. Extra work.

Until a few days ago, when I read this below, we had four throw pillows on our sofa, and one on my bed. Crouching there, like little fat gnomes.


Now I’m reconsidering those throw pillows. Actually, they’ve been reconsidered. They’ve been reconsidered all the way out the door.

They’re off to charity.

Exeunt throw pillows! 🙂

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