Clearing the clutter…

A few years ago, before I moved to New Zealand, I cleared my home of clutter. Or so I thought.

But clutter has its way of creeping back, stealthily, into your home and life when you least expect it. With two kids in my life, and myself a reformed (reforming?) shopaholic, it was only a matter of time before our new home in New Zealand was full of stuff again. It seemed to have happened without me even noticing, and certainly without my consent.

Now I’ve realised the only way to deal with clutter is to adopt some rules in my life:

  • – My wardrobe is governed by Project 333, Don’t know what this is? Check it out!
  • – My kids wardrobes and toy collections follow the “one in, one out” principle. They get something new – out goes something old. Simple!
  • – I don’t have decorations and knick-knacks. I don’t have a buffet or china cabinet. Art is purposeful, meaningful, and on the wall!
  • – No throw pillows or throw rugs!
  • – Paperwork is dealt with immediately, then filed. It doesn’t lie around. My one folder filing system (all paperwork gets punched and filed in one folder) seems to be working really well.
  • – I read email immediately, or not at all.
  • – I am good at saying NO when asked for my time and for favours.

Still working through the clutter…

I’m still working through the clutter. Some areas need a lot of work. For instance, I have a large jewelry collection that I’m still finding it hard to let go of. It will take time to get to the point of release. I don’t ever actually wear any of it, but it still takes time to let it all go.

Likewise my cosmetics collection. For a long time I used cosmetics purchase as an emotional crutch. Felt sad? Buy a lipstick! Of course, it didn’t solve the sadness, it was just a bandaid over whatever the real problem was, but it made me feel a little bit better. For a little while. Learning to deal with my problems instead of just covering them up with consumerism has been a hard lesson to learn.

I’m a reforming consumer. I’m nowhere near perfect. Maybe I’ll never reach that perfect state of simplicity for which I’m aiming. But I’ll do my best, and hopefully I’ll achieve a fair bit along the way 🙂

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