Create your own world

Life isn’t a dichotomy.

It’s not an either / or.

It’s not a choice between mad consumerist must have a house with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a boat in the driveway, three cars and four televisions OR  being a completely self-sufficient raw foods vegan hippie in the woods wearing hemp.

You don’t have to choose. You don’t have to be one or the other.

Life is about choosing your own path.

“Simplifying your life is about finding who you truly are, and gifting that person to the world.”

For me, I’m choosing a simple life. A big house and big mortgage and lots of interior space no longer appeals to me. I want to live small in stuff but big in experience.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy life. The whole point of having less stuff, for me, is to enjoy life more.

I will still own stuff. But I want the stuff I own to matter. It will be items I’ve chosen deliberately. Beautiful things that add to my life rather than subtracting from it.

No burdens.

By not spending money on clutter, I have cash to spend when I need to on things I really want. Without debt caused by living beyond my means, I reduce stress. Without a big house taking all my time to clean and maintain it, I have more free time.

I have more time and energy to explore my life. To explore being me.


I’m not saying being a hemp-wearing hippie is bad. If that is who you truly are, go with that. Rock it. Embrace it. I’ve got heaps of hippie friends, are they’re awesome. What I’m saying is that simplifying your life isn’t about trying to be something you’re not.

Simplifying your life is about taking the clutter away and finding who you truly are, and gifting that person to the world.

Consumerism is all about trying to pretend we are something that doesn’t exist. It’s about image, and pretenses, and presenting something fabricated to the outside world.

Simplification happens when we stop doing pretending. When we stop wasting our lives and energy trying to be something we are not, and could never be. When we stop trying to keep up with those mythical Joneses who, paradoxically, are spending all their energy and time trying to keep up with us.

There is no dichotomy. Live life as you wish. Break down the barriers.

Create your own world.

Image by Gwyn Michael.
Image by Gwyn Michael.



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