How I made $160 lying in bed…

Today I made $160 lying in bed. I was up late last night, so this afternoon, I decided to have a catch up rest in bed, and watch my TradeMe auctions (TradeMe is New Zealand’s eBay) to see how they were faring.

Well! I ended up selling a set of old wall plates for $31 and an old ornament for $127.

That’s pretty good money for lying in bed!

Decluttering can be a good money earner…

I’ve been decluttering for a good six months now, and I am still going. I don’t want to be one of those people who leave rooms stuffed with belongings behind in the event of their death, ready for their relatives to have to work through. I’m not planning on dying just yet, but I am planning on moving soon, and I do NOT want to take a lifetime’s worth of clutter with me.

“The getting of wisdom involves learning when to let go…”

Both items I sold today I bought decades ago. Sometimes I look at the stuff I bought when I was younger and think, What the bleep was I thinking??? But everyone goes through phases in their lives, and I went through mine.

Now I’m ready to cull all the clutter, and all I can think is I’m glad I can recoup some of the money I spent way back then.

Let the memories go…it’s just stuff, after all…

We humans are trash collectors, all of us. We all hang on to things we need to let go of. The getting of wisdom involves growing up and knowing when it is time to let go.

It can be nice to hold on to an item from our childhood – a special teddy bear, or a necklace we were given at a special event. But those items become clutter when we carry them through our lives from habit or guilt, and they take up space, and time, and effort, costing us energy and output in maintaining, storing, transporting and managing them. Nobody should carry an albatross around their neck. Our memories should not be a burden.


In the end, it is all just stuff. What is essential is invisible to the eye. When I sold those items today that I had hung on to for years, I didn’t feel loss. I felt a sense of freedom.

Relief. Release. Happiness. New beginnings.


Wisdom comes from laying down your burdens. Getting rid of your clutter. Letting it all go if it doesn’t thrill you and comfort you.

I made money today from items that I’d held on to for way too long. I’ll save that money, and I’ll need it for the future. I also passed on items I didn’t need, hopefully to new owners who will cherish them.

It’s good to be freed from the past if it restricts and confines us, or if we have changed. Sometimes we have, and all it takes is a single brave step to set the web of our lives shimmering again.

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