How much does your hair need washing really?

I used to wash my hair daily. I’d give a really good squirt of shampoo, a big dollop of conditioner, and away I’d go. Then I’d have to blow dry it (or course) and hot iron it straight, so it was neat and tidy and styled.

I wondered why my hair was always dry, damaged, split ends. Couldn’t figure it out.

I was straightening and blow drying my hair too much, and washing it too much. Split ends were the result.
I was straightening and blow drying my hair too much, and washing it too much. Split ends were the result.

These days, I wash my hair twice a week, on the weekend (either Saturday or Sunday, whenever I’m free) and on Wednesdays. In the evenings. I use a baby shampoo with conditioner combination product, which I buy in large 750 ml squeeze bottles, and then I use a conditioner beyond that, because I really am someone with dry hair and skin. Then I let it air dry, and I straighten it. It takes about ten minutes to do so, and my hair looks great.

Most people wash their hair too much, and use way too much product on their hair. By doing this not only are you stripping your hair of its natural oils and weighing it down with chemical, you’re also wasting money. These days I literally use the “dime sized amount” – about the size of a New Zealand twenty cent piece – of shampoo, and that’s plenty.

The less straightening and blow drying we do on our hair the better too. Twice a week is enough to keep my hair looking great. The rest of the time, when I’m in the shower, I wear a shower cap to stop my hair getting wet and frizzy. Yeah, it looks stupid but it works.

Truth is, our hair doesn’t really get very dirty. Unless you’re sweating into it a lot, or doing manual labour, it’ll be fairly clean for days on end. Don’t get suckered into the “daily wash” routine. You don’t need it.


  1. I gave up shampoo entirely a few years ago. It took some weaning, and I do have dry-ish, short, straight hair, but I find that hot water and finger combing is plenty to keep my hair “clean.” Washing it with shampoo just stripped it dry – it would take a week to get back to normal afterwards. My hairdressers support this too. The last one (a woman with long thick hair) used baking soda as a dry shampoo and coconut oil as a conditioner. My new one is an older guy and he washes about every 9 days and uses a bit of residual face lotion on his hands as hair gel/conditioner. Both say my hair is in great condition. I went from daily washes to every few days, then to weekly, then even longer, and then only on haircut day. Then I had a talk with the hairdresser and she encouraged me to skip even that wash, and I’ve been ‘poo free ever since! πŸ™‚


    1. Sounds smart to me πŸ™‚

      I was using baking soda and ACV for about two years a few years back, but found it was drying out my hair too much. Now I use a baby shampoo / conditioner combo product (a NZ brand called Silk which is a knockoff of the Johnson’s product) then add conditioner on top of that.

      For a leave in conditioner product I use straight jojoba oil, which works wonders on my hair. I’m considering skipping the commercial conditioner and just using more jojoba oil, to see how that works, as it’s so brilliant.

      The biggest difference I found was just washing my hair a whole lot less. My kids are the same – I wash their hair once every couple of weeks with the same baby shampoo, and their hair is absolutely gorgeous – so shiny! Everyone comments on it! πŸ™‚

      I think, apart from shampooing less, the best thing we can do for our hair is eating well, with lots of green veggies. That’s what I attribute to the fact that I’m 43 and still no grey hair apart from the odd one or two. Everyone thinks I dye my hair when I don’t πŸ™‚ Health from the inside out is definitely the way to go!


      1. oh, I’m terrible with the green veg… I want to be better, I try, sometimes, but I’m so not a fan of greens! I just turned 40 and have almost no grey, but my mum is the same and she’s in her mid 60s. Dad and aunts went grey very young.
        But yeah, good health and washing less often seem like good ideas – for you hair and your wallet πŸ™‚

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