The silence and the night

Do you ever feel that empty feeling inside? That loneliness? The sensation that feels like it will take you over and swallow you whole and make everything too black and bleak and unbearable unless…

Unless you shop…


Or watch TV…


Or have another drink…


Or have one last cigarette…


Or have just another chocolate biscuit…really, just one more…okay maybe one more…well, may as well finish the whole packet now…


None of it works. None of it. You feel better for a little while, simply because you’re busy doing something to take your mind off the gaping chasm in your life where something more meaningful should be. Something…

But what?

We’re the most medicated, depressed, disconnected generation in history. Clearly we’re doing something wrong. And the meds aren’t working.

“We can only begin to examine our truest selves once we’ve removed all the clutter.”

If we’re going to escape the misery of addiction, compulsion and self-harm (and trust me, shopping until you’re so far in debt you can’t see straight is definitely a form of self-harm!), we need to heal ourselves.

Make connections. Be vulnerable. Share ourselves. Give freely to others, expecting nothing in return. Be welcoming. Be humble. Throw away our pride. Be willing to learn from others, and their life experiences.

True freedom begins with self-examination, and that’s where leading a simple life comes in. We can only begin to examine our truest selves once we’ve eliminated the clutter.

All the stuff that we covet conceals truth. It conceals who we really are – the good, and the bad. It shields our weaknesses, but it also prevents us from being truly strong.

Simple living isn’t just a look, or a fashion statement. It’s a mode of being that enables us to be truly free. Yes, it is scary, but we can do it.

Here is the truth: what is essential is invisible to the eye. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.


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