Organize – or declutter?

The whole process of organization has become a major industry.

You can even employ people to come and organize your wardrobe, your kitchen, your whole home. There are shops dedicated to providing exactly the right type of storage for your stuff – big plastic crates, or you can go for more “earthy” wicker boxes.

But has it even occurred to you that maybe you don’t need all that stuff at all?

My decluttering began when we repainted my daughter’s room. To do so, we had to remove everything she owned, and it suddenly occurred to me – did we really have to put everything back again? Most of it was toys she hardly used. Most of the clothes she hardly wore.

So we put just her favourite items back, and her favourite clothes, and bundled the rest into plastic garbage bags in the shed. They never came back in the house again, and eventually made their way to charity and second hand sales.

Her room inspired me to do my son’s, then the living room (those throw cushions went out the door!) then finally my own room. It was like a breath of fresh air! We all found that we were happier with less stuff. Even the kids.

If you need special crates and organisation schemes to keep your stuff tidy, you have too much stuff.

If you don’t have enough cupboard space, you have too much stuff.

If your kitchen is too small, you have too much stuff.

Simplify it all, lead a life with fewer belongings, and watch your freedom and happiness grow.


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