Sugar sugar…

Today for lunch I tried something new.

Instead of having my usual tinned tuna with sweet chilli (it comes that way, already flavoured), I had tuna in seawater, which I drained and to which I then added German horseradish.


This gave me the flavour hit I love – and it was delicious – without all the added rubbish that is added to the flavoured tuna tins.

You know what I found? It filled me up a whole lot more.

As well as the tuna, I had a small plate of quinoa, with some almonds and baby spinach, topped with balsamic vinegar. Yum.


Overall, I’m simplifying my diet, and getting the sugar out. I’m not overweight, but my mother has pre-diabetes, and I don’t want that. So I’m moving to a simplier, more whole foods diet, while still keeping the budget under control – so no organics, as they’re way too expensive.

Instead, I’m keeping things seasonal, basic, and uncluttered.

Real food can be expensive, but not if you’re sensible about it. By keeping meat portions down, staying with seasonal foods, and keeping meals simple, I think we can eat real healthily and probably cheaper than the typical Kiwi.

Have you thought about simplifying your diet? Or maybe you’ve already done so!

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