Happy is the woman who has Enough…

I had my own “Eureka moment” the other day.

It was quite simple. I was driving in my little car, going to drop off some items as the Hospice Charity shop, and I realised with a THUNKKKK! that I have enough.

I. Have. Enough.

I’m content with what I have. Such a rare thing to be, in a society that tells us we are never complete, we are never good enough, never rich enough, never thin enough, never beautiful enough.

I am enough.

I am good enough. I am happy with who I am.

I’m a good person. I have good friends who love and care for me. I have a warm home, and enough to eat and drink. I have clean water, and I live in a beautiful, safe country free from war.

I have warm clothes on my back, and joyful times to remember. I believe I have joyful times ahead too.

So often our society focuses on what is wrong with the world, and what is wrong with us. We’re told we need to be fixed. We’re told we need to buy more, spend more, in order to be acceptable.

But what if we all started believing we are enough? That we have enough?

Because we are, you know. And we do.

With that sort of positive attitude, we can change the world.

So let’s start telling ourselves we have enough, and are enough. And like the worst of lies and the best of truths, if we hear it often enough, we’ll believe it.



  1. I’m content too. I didn’t realise it until recently.

    Even so, I still feel the pull to buy, buy, buy. I’m struggling with it, and am gradually overcoming it. It really helped stopping watching TV and ending the junk mail, and now I’m working towards getting rid of other incentives to buy too.


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