Simple beauty…and a simple cure for eczema…

I’m a cosmetics junkie.

I used to have a morning skin care routine consisting of about a dozen products, and a nighttime routine consisting of about another dozen products. Plus the actual makeup. Plus the various bottles of vitamins and supplements I took for my skin care and wellbeing.


It really added up to a lot of extra time and expense.

What changed me was going on holiday with my partner, and seeing what he had in his toiletries bag, compared to mine. It made me realise that maybe my idea of “needs” was out of whack. Just a little.

I used to use:

Cleanser…toner…moisturiser (day, with no sunblock)…serum…vitamin C serum…AHA…BHA…body AHA…retinol…cortisone cream (I have eczema)…body moisturiser…hand cream…night moisturiser…

It was crazy, right? Thirteen products! And that’s before I even put my makeup on!

Now I use:

Toner (which cleans anyway)…day sunblock…retinol at night…body moisturiser (which is good enough for my face).

Four products. That’s it.

A simple cure for eczema

I find, as I’ve added lots of green veggies to my diet, that I no longer need to use cortisone cream for my eczema too. I don’t even HAVE eczema any more. I did some experimenting: eat lots of green veggies (about 3-4 cups a day) and I get no eczema. Not enough green veggies, and the rashes come right back.

Turns out you are what you eat after all 🙂

Yes – green vegetables cured my eczema! I eat them with every meal (at least a cupful) and suffer from no more skin problems. I don’t know if it will work for you but it’s probably worth a try.

We women get a lot of pressure to buy a lot of skin care products, and we really do not need any of it. If we choose to use a few products, that’s up to us. But I got sucked into believing I needed everything…and that it would all make a huge difference to how I looked.

Well…I stopped using so much a few weeks back and not one of my friends has commented or noticed a thing. In fact, I’d say my skin is better!

Probably thanks to all those green veggies!

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