Uncertainty and perfection

In the online, media world we see images of perfection, completeness.

We read “happily ever afters” in stories, and see everything airbrushed to a sublime level – everything from people to peaches.

In the real world we see something quite different: flaws in roses, breaks in patterns. The real world leaves us uncertain, questioning, afraid.

A little uncertainty – a little imperfection – is a good thing. Imperfection can be refreshing and uplifting. Questioning ourselves is a positive, and having doubts a sign of wisdom. Doubt is normal, healthy.

When we question what we’re doing and why, we’re open to new ideas and to change and growth. Uncertainty shows we’re still able to develop as people, and able to become better versions of ourselves. Uncertainty gives us fresh perspectives and the ability to question wrongdoing and cruelty.

The natural world thrives on change. It isn’t static; nothing is. There is no finished product, no end result, no final scene, no happily ever after.

There is just change: on and on, always and forever.

The idea for this post was suggested by the blog post Attachment and Suffering.

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