10 ways to be happier: and none of them involve making more money!

Imagine if you got everything you ever wanted?


Would everything you ever wanted – having endless money, great house, awesome car – really make you happier?

The research says no.

So what does make us happy? Ten ways to be happier

1. Choose the right parents. There are genetic factors implicated in happiness. Some people are just naturally happier than others. Some people naturally struggle with life, no matter how wealthy they are, while others cruise.

Happy parents have happy kids. If you have a parent who struggles with happiness, you’re more likely to struggle yourself. However, this is just one of the many factors affecting happiness. There is so much you can control with behaviour, so read on…

2. Diet plays a huge role. Study after study suggests that a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and limiting processed food can improve our happiness.

On a personal level, almost all of my friends who have depression issues have a poor diet, with very few fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Exercise is a factor. Get moving!

4. Get outside in the fresh air. People who get out, get active and get fresh air are generally happier.

5. and 6. Having friends and being part of a community makes a difference. It’s not about popularity. It’s just about feeling connected. Feeling like others would notice if you weren’t there.

Life is worthwhile when you share it with others. That’s the way people are made. We’re social creatures.

7. Being rested is a huge part of the equation. When people don’t get enough sleep, they often put on weight, get depressed, get stressed and suffer emotionally and physically.

8. Have sex. People with an active sex life are happier. Yes, really!

9. Caring for others makes people happy. People live longer when they have other people – or even pets – who depend on them. If you’re elderly, get a pet to care for. You’ll improve your health!

10. Pay off your debts. Paying off your debts will make you happier. What a great reason to simplify your life!



  1. I totally didn’t see the last one coming but it makes a whole lot of sense!

    Re:diet, I have to wonder if that’s a factor in why people struggle more in the winter.


  2. Hahaha. Love the Jim Carrey quote at the top. This is a great list. I also think diet plays a huge role in our mood. I’m obsessed with fermentation, and recent research shows that a healthy gut may help reduce anxiety and depression. I tend to be very anxious and try to eat something fermented (usually sauerkraut, buttemilk, yogurt, pickles) a couple of times a day. Meditation practice helps your mood too.


  3. 1. Being happy is really over-rated. I would rather be content and have peace of mind than be happy. Happy is hard to sustain. Happy is like balancing on one foot on a pier as the ocean comes in. Peace of mind is like sitting in lotus.
    2. Part of being happy is making the decision to be happy and then practicing being happy. You get good at what you practice.
    3. Re: advice of choosing your parents wisely. I tried that. They seemed like such a nice old couple. But eventually they called the police on me. I’m reluctantly switching back to my old parents.


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