My simple, healthy diet…G-BOMBS

I’ve been on a simpler diet for a while now. And I love it. When your diet is simple, and you tend to eat the same things over and over again, there’s less thinking, less planning…less work.

I follow Fuhrman’s G-BOMBS guidelines generally – with enough room for treats and about 10% of calories from meat and fish on the side. G-BOMBS stands for:

Seeds and nuts.

According to the latest research, these are the foods that are the healthiest, are linked to preventing cancer, heart disease and diabetes, and help us achieve long, fit lives.

Sounds good to me!


How this eating style has affected my health and wellbeing

Eczema and asthmaI’m one of those asthmaticky, eczema-afflicted people. It’s just genetic. But since eating this way, both have disappeared. I just don’t get either. I’ve been declared asthma-free by the local hospital after having tests done, and I don’t have any rashes at all any more.

Am I cured? Sort of. Because if I fall off the wagon, the symptoms come back. So eating well controls these diseases, rather than permanently cures them. Nevertheless, if you have either disease, give this diet style a go.

Hayfever I was on antihistamines. Every day, all through the year (not just seasonal). Now I don’t need them. I don’t know why diet should affect allergies like hayfever, but it does.

Skin tone People have been commenting how lovely my skin looks. It’s flattering.

Digestive system I’m more (ahem) regular than I was. Much more regular. A friend on the same diet has been quite gassy, and so was I to start with, but now it has settled down as my body has become used to it and I’m not gassy any more. Just regular.

Weight I’ve lost 5 kgs (11 lbs) in the last month, without actively “dieting”. I’m still eating as much as I want of whatever I want. I’ve just replaced rubbish with healthy foods.

Cost The food bill has gone up, mainly due to the berries. The unsweetened almond and coconut milk is also more expensive than cow milk.

However, the food bill hasn’t increased as much as I thought it would, because I’m eating less meat. Beans and onions and greens are also cheap, and I’m growing a huge amount of kale at home now 🙂

My Kale patch - so yummy, and so easy to grow! :)
My Kale patch – so yummy, and so easy to grow! 🙂

That’s the good thing about this diet – so much of your food you can grow at home.

Hair I’ve also had some comments about my hair, including from my hairdresser. People say it’s looking healthier.

Sleep I’m sleeping better. It took about two, maybe three weeks before I noticed that my sleeplessness problems (I’m a chronic insomniac) had all but disappeared. Now I’m sleeping through the night with one brief wakeup for a bathroom visit. I typically get a solid eight hours, something that was unheard of before this diet.

In short… A whole stack of health problems that I wouldn’t have thought diet would have affected have been improved significantly, some dramatically, on this diet. For the asthma and eczema along this eating pattern is worth a try. I can’t see me going back.

I’m not a full convert. Some people eat this way every day, at every meal. I’m doing more like a 70-80% deal, so I’m free to eat out with friends, enjoy a family meal, have a guilt-free dessert or whatever. I want this to be sustainable for the long run. I think by being less radical I can make this a part of my life for the rest of my life, and really benefit from eating well.

What I eat on G-BOMBS

I start my day with a berry smoothie, and a HUGE pile of greens. I do this pretty much every day.

BREAKFAST: Berry banana smoothie

-1 cup frozen berries (any variety, but I use the mixed berry bags that are very affordable)
-1 banana
-1 cup unsweetened almond coconut milk
-1 dessertspoon LSA mix (linseed, sunflower, almond blend)

Blend until smooth. Serve in a tall glass.

BREAKFAST: My Big Pile O Greens

-300 grams (about half a pound) of frozen spinach
-Spray oil
-Garlic and sea salt shake for seasoning

Zap the spinach in the microwave until thoroughly thawed and warm.
Meanwhile, spray a large skillet and heat on medium high.
When the spinach is ready from the microwave, put it in the skillet. Add the garlic and sea salt.
Toss until done.

These two recipes are my standard breakfast. They fill me up and in one fell swoop I’ve had several serves of fruit and greens, plus some healthy nuts and seeds, before I even leave the house.

For lunch, I use pre-chopped bags of coleslaw, or any other “slaw” the supermarket has on stock. Yes, I could chop my own up, and save some money, but I’m lazy (sorry). I throw the sachet of dressing (if included) in the bin. A bag of slaw will do me two lunches, and each lunch costs about $2.

I like to have my slaw cooked, but these slaws are terrific cold with tuna if it’s hot.

Cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli etc.) are strongly associated with good health. So eat ’em up!

LUNCH: Cooked slaw

-Half a bag of pre-chopped slaw (any sort)
-Spray oil
-American mustard OR sweet chili sauce and lemon juice
-1/2 dozen raw nuts or seeds (any variety).

Toss the slaw in a hot skillet sprayed lightly with oil until cooked.
Run through with either American mustard OR sweet chili sauce and lemon juice (about 1 dessertspoon of each).
Toss in nuts or seeds to taste.

For dinner, whatever I have I add in mushrooms, beans and onions. They’re easy to add to anything, and work in everything from salads to curries and stir fries. I add in even more green veggies – as many as I can – and more fruit for dessert. I’m not vegetarian, so I’ll happily eat meat, but I keep the portions down, and I stick to real meat, not meat products.

So that’s it really. So simple, and easy to do. I don’t weigh or measure portions, and if I’m hungry I just eat more. I like this simple way of eating, and real food is the way we should eat I think.


  1. This is the first I am hearing about the G-BOMB diet…interesting. We are big fans of curly kale and ear greens all year though they are more scarce in the winter where we are.


  2. Kale just grows so well, it’s a shame NOT to grow it and eat it…and so yummy! My problem is waiting for the leaves to get big enough…I tend to pop out in the garden and pull the leaves off and nibble away! 🙂


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