If I could design Christmas…

If I could design Christmas, this is what I’d do:

I’d keep the tree, the carols, the special meal.


I’d keep the goodwill, and I’d make it a holiday for everyone.


We’d each receive one gift from our family. Just one. Only one.


And we’d spend the week before Christmas not in a mad rush about the shops, working out what to buy, but in volunteer work. Helping out at charities…giving our time to nature care…cleaning beaches and tending public gardens.


There would be no religion, no Jesus, no Churches, no guilt, no divisions between people. Just one humanity, caring for each other.


And Christmas would be a time to reflect, to share our love, to remember that what really matters is the joy and love we bring to others in this life.

So that would be my Christmas. It would be simple, sweet, caring, giving.

Merry Christmas from Dunedin, New Zealand.



  1. Writing from a land that has become both more commercial and more religious, but less personal and less connected over my lifetime, this ideal Christmas sounds wonderful. It is much like how my family celebrates the holiday already but we are still weaning ourselves off the pile of gifts. The kids do community service but my wife and I need to do more of it. The thing we do too little of is give of ourselves to others and I would love this to be a more integral part of how we celebrate Christmas. As you wrote to me once, it seems we are on a similar path.

    Merry Christmas from Andover, Massachusetts, USA

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    1. HI – Some of the books I read as a child about how Christmas *used* to be really made an impact on me. In the book “Anne of Green Gables” Anne gets a dress for Christmas. And a hair ribbon. That’s it. That’s all. And she feels quite spoiled. Can you IMAGINE how kids would react today if that was all they received?

      And in the classic novel “Little Women”, the March girls give their breakfast to the poor family down the road, who have nothing.

      These straightforward stories of how Christmas used to be made me realise what we’ve lost. A sense of caring for others. A sense of humility, even. I think we need to return. Not because we can’t have everything, but maybe because we *shouldn’t*. And maybe sharing a little more would be good for everyone.

      Just my thoughts. Have a very merry Christmas XXX

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