Replace, Reduce, Remove: A mantra for minimalism

Everyone’s heard of the old “Reduce, re-use, recycle” mantra of the Green Movement. I’m proposing a new mantra for the minimalism movement.

It’s “Replace, Reduce, Remove.”

Replace the draining obstacles in your life with easier, simpler alternatives. Your mortgage is killing you? Move to a smaller, cheaper home.
Consider moving cities. Or towns, or even countries (I moved from Melbourne, Australia to Dunedin, New Zealand, where the houses are one third the price!).
Kill that car loan by selling the new car and buying an older model.
Replace that gym membership you never use and take regular fresh air walks with a friend instead.

Reduce the demands on your time and energy. Move closer to your workplace, and walk to work.
Reduce those commitments you don’t absolutely love.
If possible, consider working fewer hours – maybe you can, without that huge mortgage and car loan!
Reduce the junk food you’re eating that is sapping your energy levels and draining your health and wallet.
Put yourself first.

Remove the people in your life who are “psychic vampires” – those who take, take, take and never give anything back.
You know, that friend who is always needing extra cash, or that relative who is always complaining about her health.
You don’t need the pain and stress.
Simplify your life.
Care for your own mental wellbeing by removing people from your life who cause you difficulties and misery.
Life is too short.


Society tells us that bigger is better. I think society has got it wrong. Small and simple can be perfect and relaxed and easy and free.

Life offers a variety of paths. So why not choose something different that allows us to be our true, inner selves? Why not choose to be happy and lay our burdens down?

Freedom is here, ready and waiting, if we choose to take it.



    1. I really like that idea. Yes, I’ve come across her before. It’s something I struggle with, not letting the junk come in. Having an artist for an eight year old daughter doesn’t make things any easier either! But life is just a work in progress πŸ™‚


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