Free yourself of your burdens

When I decided to take the path of minimalism, I never realised how scary, but how liberating, it would be.

I was scared to sell my great-aunt’s bone china tea set. I’d always had it, ever since I’d inherited it. I felt guilty to let it go, even though it was of no use to me.

I was scared to pass on my grandmother’s paintings, even though I’d never displayed them. What if somehow she knew? I’m not superstitious, but – what if???

I was ashamed to sell my guitar. I’d really intended to learn how to play it, but I’d never had the time. But maybe, one day, what if???

Life is full of “what ifs” and “maybes” and guilt. But if we allow them to dominate us, we diminish who we are meant to be, here and now.

We are meant to be strong, and whole, and happy, and healthy.

My great-aunt never meant her tea-set to be a burden.
My grandmother never meant me to feel guilty over her paintings.
I never meant to feel like I was a failure over my lack of guitar prowess.

Be strong. Pass on what you don’t need. Let it go.

Let your burdens go. Be at peace with yourself. It is time to be free.


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