If it feels like you’ve taken on too much, then you probably have

I was continually getting demands on my time, money and energy. From people I really don’t care about, or about causes that were not dear to my heart. Does this sound familiar?

Charities that I know little about asking for money and volunteer work.
Rattling tins in the street and letters to “The Householder”.
Emails about emergencies I didn’t know were emergencies!
The local school and hospital asking me for baking and donations in kind and in money.
The local kindergarten asking me to buy a sausage at their sausage sizzle, or buy a ticket for their raffle.
The television or radio asking me to care about the latest disaster, the latest political fraud, the latest famine.

I’m a caring person, but it was all too much.
I’m just one person. I can’t fix everything.
Do you feel like you’re being asked to fix everything, solve everyone’s problems?

I felt that way.

Then I hit on an answer. I decided to have just one charity to put all my donations towards.

Instead of spreading my care and energy, I decided I’d give in one direction only.
Instead of knowing nothing about a lot of charities, I’d learn about one charity in depth, and feel like I really know my chosen field of care and love.
Instead of leaving my door open, I’d close the door and choose who to invite into my life.

As for the people who continually ask, I’ve learned the power of saying NO.
It’s far more loving and honest to say no, than to say yes and do something half-heartedly or with anger or resentment in my heart.

As for the news about natural disasters and famines, I’ve turned the television and radio off. I unsubscribed from charity and environmental emails.

I don’t need to know, and I don’t want to know.
It was causing me stress, and there was nothing I could do anyway. I make good decisions, I’m a conscientious consumer, and that should be enough.
I decided I am doing enough. I am enough.

And politics? When it comes to election time, I visit the various parties’ websites, read their information, and make the best choice I can, according to my ethics. I don’t want to know the scandals and infighting and babyish behaviour.

In other words, I’ve simplified the demands on my life.
I’ve turned the dripping tap firmly to OFF.
I’ve made personal decisions about what I allow in my life.
I don’t allow the guilt to make decisions for me.
Instead, my own moral compass is my guide.

It’s not foolproof. Nothing is. But it’s working.
My donations to charity are up, and I feel like my money is doing more good.
My stress is down, and I feel more politically aware.
I choose to be free.
I’m happier, and that has to be good for the people I truly care about in my life!


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