How to avoid Buyer’s Remorse – Part 1

Ask yourself the right questions before buying!

  • Is your credit card in the black? Leave your card OUT of your wallet, and pay cash for necessities (such as food) until you’re out of the red.
  • Are you debt-free? If you have a mortgage or car loan, you have debt. Once again, use cash not plastic, and keep away from the malls.
  • Is everything you currently own well-maintained and in good order? If you don’t look after the stuff you already own, you’re not in a state to be able to look after even MORE belongings!
  • Does the item fit (if it’s clothing)? No matter how good a “bargain”, if it doesn’t fit your body now, it is a waste of money. If you do lose or gain the desired weight, buy clothes THEN, not now for what may be in the future! Don’t buy clothing for an imagined future self. Instead, honour who you are here and now.
  • Have you removed and sold / given away / thrown out everything you no longer need or use? Get rid of the old to make way for the new, not the other way around.
  • Are you buying for someone else? Have you actually even asked whether they want or need it? Maybe they don’t, and you’re actually creating a clutter problem for them 😦 (This has been a huge problem for me, with relatives buying clutter-gifts for my children and myself continually.)
  • Does the item serve an actual purpose and need? If it’s simply decorative (i.e. vase, bowl, ornament etc.), that’s not a purpose. If it’s an “upgrade” (i.e. electronic, car, fashion accessory etc.), that’s not a purpose – that’s a luxury.
  • Are you buying something simply to impress other people or to improve your status? I mean, really? Think again, and again after that. There’s nothing wrong with having nice things, but maybe we shouldn’t have to live to impress other people.


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