Does every child need their own room?

When I was growing up, way back in the seventies and eighties, you were lucky if you had your own bedroom as a kid.


I was one of the lucky ones. My parents only had two children – my brother and I – and as our home, like most of the era, had three bedrooms, I scored a room of my own.

Most families had children who shared rooms though. As the typical family had three children, the two siblings who shared a gender usually shared a room. So my best friend shared a room with her younger sister, and my brother’s best friend shared a room with his baby brother. That was the norm.

These days, houses are bigger, families are smaller, and most children never share. It’s assumed that most kids – especially teenagers – need their own space.

But do they? Did it hurt my best friend to share back then? Or does it hurt families more these days to be more in debt to banks for their huge mortgages and rents, teaching their children that debt is fine and it isn’t real money anyway, and if we want something we can always have it, no matter the longterm cost?

I’m not sure those old, more austere ways weren’t better after all. What do you think?


  1. In my family, not sharing a room was not happening. There were time I hated it, but I think it made me a much more flexible, sharing, and understanding person. It certainly made dorm rooms easier! I never suffered like most of the others did over it 🙂 I was completely used to it.

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  2. I spent my younger childhood sharing a room with my sister. It wasn’t until I was older that I got my own room. But my sister usually came in and hung out with my anyway, so it all worked out. *laughs* I have nothing against sharing. Sometimes it teaches you a lot about many different things.

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    1. I wonder if we’d all, as a society, enjoy being outside more, and consider that “our space” if we’d had to share our inside spaces more often? For me, even though I never shared a room, my sanity space is the outside, in the fresh air. Can’t beat it. I think your experience of sharing probably made you a better person.


      1. I kind of enjoy having a space that is just for me… unfortunately, I don’t have anything like that at this moment. But that is okay. I was never much of an ‘outside’ person. I like doing stuff outside once in a while, I prefer to be indoors.

        Oh, I hope it helped shape me into a good person, but I think mostly, it allowed me and my sister to have the deep relationship that we have now.

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