12 ways to stay healthy in flu season

One of the bloggers I follow mentioned how one of her fellow workers came to work sick, and wondered what she could do about it.

She doesn’t get sick leave. If they don’t show up, they don’t get paid.

So, here’s some tips on how to stay healthy in flu season, and all year around.

  1. Don’t eat out in flu season. If you do, make sure your food is cooked. Sandwich and salad bars in particular are easy disease transfer points (how well did your sandwich maker wash their hands? If at all!). Ideally, make your lunch at home.
  2. Keep hand sanitizer, tissues and antibacterial wipes at your desk or workplace.
  3. Ask your employer to install hand sanitizer pumps at the entrance to your place of work and at various points around the workplace, and to keep them filled.
  4. Ensure bathrooms and kitchens in your workplace and home have plenty of soap, and that soap dispensers are filled. If not, ask your employer or boss to get them sorted.
  5. Keep some antibacterial wipes on your desk or work station, and wipe down all contact surfaces at the start of the day BEFORE you start work and at the end of the day.
  6. Be absolutely diligent about toilet hygiene. Considering that a huge percentage of people (this article suggests that 95% of people don’t wash their hands correctly after going to the toilet!) don’t even WASH their hands at all, I’d really recommend disposable gloves whenever you go to the toilet, or using a tissue or baby wipe in your hand to open the doors after you’ve been to the toilet.
  7. Wash your hands BEFORE as well as AFTER visiting the toilet. If you don’t know already, learn how to wash your hands properly:
  8. If you have the habit of touching your face, BREAK it!
  9. Disease carrying surfaces include: mobile phones; neckties; handbag (purse) bottoms, clasps and handles; wallets; door handles; the back of chairs; computer keyboards; electronic tablet surfaces; computer mice; coffee mug handles (wash yours daily); tap handles; desk phones. Wipe them down with antibacterial wipes regularly.
  10. If you’re at the gym, clean your machine and / or weights BEFORE you use it, as well as AFTER!
  11. If you wear contact lenses, be absolutely diligent about lens hygiene, as your eyes are a mucous membrane and an easy access point into your body for harmful bacteria. During peak flu season, you may wish to wear glasses instead, as they provide a physical barrier for your eyes.
  12. Tie your hair back off your face when working, if you have long hair. Hair traps airborne droplets very effectively, and loose strands can transfer disease very effectively into your eyes and mouth.

I hope these tips help! My family and I were recently in Hong Kong and Singapore right in the middle of several flu epidemics, and NONE of us caught any disease.

I think it’s because we were diligent with our hygiene.

Stay healthy everyone!

This article was cross-posted at Lethally Fit

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