The Project 333: Autumn update (capsule 3)

I’ve been doing The Project 333 since august last year. It’s time for an update.

I’ve found that working with a much smaller wardrobe works well for me. I can’t imagine going back to having rows and rows of clothing, yet not having anything to wear!

I’ve also divided my wardrobe clearly into my 333 “day” wardrobe and my small gym capsule wardrobe. I’m not so good at reserving gym clothing just for working out yet – that’s something I need to improve. But I’m getting there!

At the heart of my wardrobe are a few “core” items that I wear all year round. These haven’t changed as I’ve gone from Spring, to Summer and now into Autumn.

Numbers in brackets denote the capsule from which the item originates. So (1) is the first Spring capsule in 2014 from August to November, (2) is the Summer capsule from December 2014 to March 2015, and (3) are new items bought for the current capsule (listed below) from March 2015 onwards.

My 33 clothing items:

* denotes a core item

  • *Brown leather crossbody handbag (2)
  • *Brown leather belt (1)
  • *Brown leather jacket (1)
  • *Brown ankle boots (2)
  • *Black leather jacket (1)
  • Black blazer (3)
  • *Black riding boots (knee high) (1)
  • *Black leggings (2)
  • *Blue jeans 1 (1)
  • *Blue jeans 2 (1)
  • *Black puffer jacket (1)
  • Black microfleece jacket (Kathmandu) (1)
  • Kelly floral shirt (1)
  • Venus floral shirt (1)
  • Yellow floral shirt (1)
  • Green Jag shirt (1)
  • White Hilfiger shirt (1)
  • Green vintage shirt (1)
  • Red Sara t-shirt (2)
  • Purple Sara t-shirt (2)
  • Black a-line dress (2)
  • Cityscape t-shirt (2)
  • Black motorcycle boots (1)
  • Silver leaf ring (1)

And my gym clothing capsule:

  • Black tennis shoes (3)
  • Black mitts (1)
  • Nike pink gym bag (1)
  • Puma baggy gym trousers 1 (1)
  • Puma baggy gym trousers 2 (1)
  • Blue v-neck sleeveless top (3)
  • Black mesh racerback top (3)
  • Plain black racerback top (3)
  • Black mesh hoodie (3)

My gym capsule is almost all new, as I just started back at the gym again in March. Having found that none of my original tops from last year fit me or were in any condition to wear, I had to replace everything.

The problem of a small wardrobe

The only problem I’ve found with owning a small wardrobe is that clothing does wear out faster, and you rely on certain favourite items a lot.

In my case, it’s becoming very clear to me that my favourite brown leather jacket is on its last legs. It needs to be replaced. And finding brown leather in a fashion period where everything is black leather only is near impossible!

Luckily I’ve a black leather jacket that will do just fine. Although it is listed in my Capsule, I seldom wear it, as I’ve favoured my brown one. More proof that most of us – even those of us with Capsule wardrobes – have far more clothing than we really need! So I’m going to have to harden up and finally toss out my brown jacket, and start wearing the black one instead.

I’ll do it when I shift to the Winter capsule in a few months’ time. I promise!


Other difficulties

I still have problems getting rid of clothes that either do not work for me, do not fit me, are worn out, or simply do not suit me.

I guess I find it hard to admit my mistakes. I know in my heart that everyone makes mistakes, but I still seem to think that maybe, somehow, I’ll start wearing these items I don’t wear, even though I know I never will. This is something I need to work on.

The other issue I’m having is one of sizing. I’m losing weight very rapidly now, and what didn’t fit me a week ago now suddenly fits me. I’m going to need new jeans very soon, and all new underwear. It’s also just a matter of time before I need to replace my gym trousers.

The cost of owning less

I’m definitely saving money by owning less. I find that it is harder and harder to justify spending money on clothes, simply because I know I have everything I need.

I still buy clothing, buy I definitely buy less than I used to.

In all, after being on The Project for 3/4 of a year, I see this as something that has enriched my quality of life. It is something I would like to continue with, and that I have no desire to end.

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