Sometimes things need replacing

I wrote a while back about whether to keep my little old car or not.

I’ve decided to sell.

My car. Should I update, or be content with what I have? What do you think?
My car.

Yesterday I wound down the driver side window, only to have it stick down and not roll up again. After trying hard to get it to wind up again, and not have any luck, I rang my mechanic. They got me in right away.

It turns out the hinge to the door, which was sticking, has caused problems with the window mechanism.

In short: the whole driver side door needs replacing.

At present, the window is wound back up again, but I can’t unwind it (and the mechanic said not to!), and the driver side door only opens part-way.

It’s a major issue. But we’ll get a replacement door, and get the problem fixed, depending on whether it is a worthwhile decision financially to do so (the car is worth a couple of thousand dollars, so fixing it depends on the cost).

I’m facing facts now that the car is old. 17 years old. And that, while it’s a good car, maybe it is time to accept that sometimes things need replacing.

I’m also accepting that maybe I’m not being greedy or selfish or shallow to replace my old car. It is seventeen years old, after all.

So this week I’m going to have a look around the car yards, and see what is for sale. I’ll check out the price of brand new cars, and check out what secondhand cars are available. Then this weekend I’ll go shopping.

Things wear out

We simple living types like to keep things that wear well. Most of my wardrobe is over five years old, and I have items in it over ten.

I like things that last. I hate items that fall apart easily, or that I don’t get my money’s worth from.

But it’s also okay to replace things when necessary. I’d have had to replace my car eventually anyway, as my kids are starting to have problems fitting in the back (it’s a very small two door). So my time with the car was limited.

Buying new items isn’t a sin, although sometimes we treat it like it is. I believe being wasteful is bad, but there’s nothing wrong with buying when we need to buy.

What makes a person wise is knowing the difference.

If you need something new, go ahead and enjoy your new item. Don’t regret it, not one bit. And don’t look back. Life is change, after all.

Just be sure you’re buying for the right reasons 🙂


  1. I’m sorry for the car door troubles, but getting a new to you car is exciting! Good luck on your search for a reliable vehicle. We are having the same issue with our old truck. It would cost more to fix the problem than the truck is worth, unfortunately.


    1. I’ve got that way with this car. It’s been a great car, and we’ve had more than our money’s worth from it, but it’s too small, even if this hadn’t happened – my son is struggling to fit in the back already, and he’s just ten years old! I need something a little bigger. I just want something economical that won’t cost the earth to buy and run.


  2. I can really relate to this post. We’ve just got rid of two sofas that were already hand me downs and have now been completely worn out. I felt bad getting rid of them but they really are of no use. We are now looking at purchasing some new or second hand sofas to replace them. In trying to live a more simple life I think we find it hard to buy new things (and can give ourselves a hard time!). But if these things are bought with thought and are bought to last then I don’t see anything wrong in that.


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