Ask yourself the hard questions.

Look at what you own. Take the time to just look at it. Properly. Then ask yourself…

  • Is this item important to me?
  • Does this item give me joy?
  • Is this thing useful?
  • Am I keeping this thing in my life because of guilt or responsibility to someone else?
  • Would I buy this again, if I could make the decision over?
  • Would I choose this role in my life again, if I had the choice to do so?
  • Would I choose this friendship, or this relationship again, if I had to?
  • Would I choose this job again, if I had the choice?
  • Would I buy this house / this car / this boat / this thing again, if I could do it over?
  • Would I want all this stuff in my life if I could avoid it all?
  • If I could make everything just go away, would I? If so, does any of it actually bring me happiness?
  • Would I choose to live in this town, this city, this country if I could live somewhere else?

Your life is the sum of the decisions you make.

Isn’t it time you made sure the decisions you make bring you real joy and peace?



  1. I think the whole material possession bringing people ‘joy’ is a fallacy. I do think it’s a replacement for genuine social connection to others. The best things in life are – well, perhaps not free, but they’re shared and they’re usually experiences. Time is our most valuable asset – sometimes you got to ask yourself, is this thing worth ‘x hours/days/weeks’ of my time? Is it to satisfy a need or is it vanity or? There are many answers.

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  2. Stuff can sometimes make us happy, but it won’t bring us long term, deep satisfaction or joy. There’s a really good book called “Your Money Or Your Life” – if you haven’t read it, pop into your local library and grab a copy. It’s worth a read. It really helped me understand the relationship between money and time.


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