Ask yourself the hard questions.

Look at what you own. Take the time to just look at it. Properly. Then ask yourself…

  • Is this item important to me?
  • Does this item give me joy?
  • Is this thing useful?
  • Am I keeping this thing in my life because of guilt or responsibility to someone else?
  • Would I buy this again, if I could make the decision over?
  • Would I choose this role in my life again, if I had the choice to do so?
  • Would I choose this friendship, or this relationship again, if I had to?
  • Would I choose this job again, if I had the choice?
  • Would I buy this house / this car / this boat / this thing again, if I could do it over?
  • Would I want all this stuff in my life if I could avoid it all?
  • If I could make everything just go away, would I? If so, does any of it actually bring me happiness?
  • Would I choose to live in this town, this city, this country if I could live somewhere else?

Your life is the sum of the decisions you make.

Isn’t it time you made sure the decisions you make bring you real joy and peace?


8 thoughts on “Ask yourself the hard questions.

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  3. I think the whole material possession bringing people ‘joy’ is a fallacy. I do think it’s a replacement for genuine social connection to others. The best things in life are – well, perhaps not free, but they’re shared and they’re usually experiences. Time is our most valuable asset – sometimes you got to ask yourself, is this thing worth ‘x hours/days/weeks’ of my time? Is it to satisfy a need or is it vanity or? There are many answers.

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  4. Stuff can sometimes make us happy, but it won’t bring us long term, deep satisfaction or joy. There’s a really good book called “Your Money Or Your Life” – if you haven’t read it, pop into your local library and grab a copy. It’s worth a read. It really helped me understand the relationship between money and time.


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