Own less: the key to kids and minimalism

Just when you think you have life sorted, you struggle. 

Kids make minimalism hard. The amount of stuff they have, they own, they dump everywhere. I feel like I’m in a never-ending process of washing, tidying, cleaning up. Do you ever feel the same way?

The only way to sanity is to own less. You can get organised all you like, but the junk will start to crawl its way across surfaces, across the floors, making everything a shambles, unless you own less.

My eight year old daughter is an artist. She produces new work daily, and I love seeing her growth and development in creativity. But unless I take a photo and share it quickly, then bin the results once I’m done, I soon end up with an uncontrollable pile of artworks, covering everything.

I need to remind myself continually that the process is what’s important for her, not the end result.

Kids need to learn that happiness doesn’t come from owning stuff. So don’t buy them things to make them happy. Cull regularly. Keep only a few special toys, and the rest are “very negotiable, may disappear at anytime, toys”.

Teach them that happiness comes from within, from friendships, from family, from love. Not from stuff.

Own less. Organising clutter is pointless, and will just delay the moment when your home becomes cluttered again. The key to sanity is owning less in the first place.




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