Find your own classic wardrobe, and get some sanity!

Every few months, womens’ magazines will run an article on “must-have” items for this fashion season.

These articles are complete rot, of course. Ignore at will!

Oh…so these items were “must haves” huh? Well, I didn’t have ANY of them, and I survived just fine! 😉

If you really want to organise your wardrobe, using a system like The Project 333 is a great beginning. Check it out.

But then comes the question: what should you put in your capsule wardrobe?

In this article, I’ll list what you might include in your 33 piece wardrobe – enough items to take you from casual weekends through to workplace and beyond.

I list each article suggestion, then give examples of what I have chosen in my own wardrobe in each category.

The list isn’t designed to be duplicated exactly – it’s just here to give you some idea how your own 33 piece wardrobe might work, and what you might want to put in it.

You can also check out how my own Project 333 has evolved over time by checking out the Pages in this blog dedicated to my Project 333 (above, in the menu bar).

Note: a hash (#) denotes items suitable for men, while an asterisk (*) denotes female clothing.

A 33 piece (or less) wardrobe.

  • Warm coat or puffer jacket. Big enough to wear over your jacket. (I have a black puffer jacket)
  • Winter gloves. Ideally leather in black.
  • Swimsuit. Something that fits properly, you can swim in without worry it will fall off or move about, is in good condition, and is comfortable.
  • Casual blazer or leather jacket. Suitable for wear over jeans or casual trousers or skirt. (I have a leather jacket)
  • Leather belt in black or brown, to fit your trousers and jeans. Must fit properly (middle hole is the hole you fit).
  • 3 x neat and tidy t-shirts or tops. Suitable for wear with your casual jeans, trousers or skirts listed below. Must fit properly. (I have some cute t-shirts with retro images on them)
  • 2 x pair of basic, casual jeans, *skirts or trousers. A style you feel comfortable in, for weekends. (I have two pair of blue jeans)
  • 2 x pair of sneakers or other casual shoe. A style you feel comfortable in, for weekends. (I have a pair of black sneakers and a pair of black canvas tennis shoes) 
  • *1 – 3 dresses or tunics. A style that is neat enough for work, meetings and dinners. (I have one dress in black and white pattern)
  • #1 – 3 suits. Depending on your work. One should be black.
  • 3 x button up shirts or *blouses. A style that is neat and tidy enough for dinners or work. (I have three Liberty patterned button up shirts that are really stylish and “retro”-looking)
  • #2 x white shirts. Make sure they fit correctly and all buttons close easily.
  • #3 x ties. Choose two ties that reflect your personality. One tie should be black.
  • 2 x pair of tidy trousers or *skirts. A style you feel comfortable in, for work or going out in evenings. (I have two pair of black leggings that can be worn by themselves, or under a dress or shift)
  • 2 x pair of work-appropriate shoes. A style that is suitable for work or evenings. (I have a pair of black knee-high leather boots, and a pair of black, ankle-high motorcycle boots)
  • *1 x leather handbag. Small and tidy enough to take you from work to evening. (Mine is black)
  • 2 x pair gym trousers. Full length that you are able to squat fully in without displaying “plumbers crack”! In black or navy. (Mine are in black)
  • 2 x gym tops. Long enough to fully cover tummy and back when bending over, and comfortable for movement. (Mine are black tank tops)
  • 2 x hoodies. Casual and comfortable for weekend around the home, or going to the gym in winter (Mine are black and grey)

This list has 29 items for women, and 33 for men, so it leaves a little wiggle room for women to add some accessories if they wish.

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe is all about choosing what suits you. Choose what you like, and what will work in your life. 

Save money, save your sanity, and – most of all – have fun 🙂

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