You don’t need to be a pauper to live a simple life

It’s easy to think we have to give up everything when we choose to live simply.

We don’t.

Living simply is not about making poor choices. It’s about making good, wise, wholesome choices. We don’t have to live like misers, live as paupers, live cheaply, just because we want to make a difference and save our sanity – and the planet – at the same time.

Joy and common-sense can be partners in our lives. We just have to use a bit of brainpower to make their relationship happen.

Simplicity isn’t about politics or poverty. And it shouldn’t be. It just doesn’t make sense, no matter where you come from or what your beliefs, to waste money and resources, or to buy things that you’ll never use.

Likewise, it doesn’t make sense to buy things that cause misery and unhappiness to others, or that devastate this beautiful world we’ve been given.


I believe in happiness not just for my family and friends, but for all people and creatures on this earth. I also believe we have a responsibility to behave as adults and choose wisely. Not with guilt, but with common-sense, when we buy.

So no, we don’t have to be paupers to live a simple life. But maybe we need to consider others as well when we think of ourselves.

And maybe that’s what being a caring, thoughtful adult on this planet is all about.

Special thanks to ModerateMuse, whose wise thoughts made this post possible.


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