Claim ownership of your life

Do you ever feel like your life belongs to everyone else – except you?

Do you ever feel as though most everything you do is to please others, or to keep other people satisfied? That your life is a negotiation process, managing everyone else’s needs ahead of your own?

That’s how I used to feel.

In our society, we are trained to please others. Women especially are trained to behave this way. We’re taught to put our needs last. Pushy salespeople learn to take advantage of this, knowing we’ll feel guilty if we don’t make them happy by giving them what they want i.e. a sale.

But of all the things in this life that you own, your life is the only thing that can truly be called yours. It’s the one thing that belongs to you, and that you alone have the right to make decisions about.

Think about it: does anyone care as much about you as you? Does anyone else truly have your own best interests at heart?

I’m not saying others don’t care. They might care deeply, but they’ll also have their own point of view about everything, and their point of view might not coincide with yours.

So what I’m saying is this: Your life is yours.
Yours alone.
You are the one who must make your life worthwhile and meaningful.
You are the only one who can give your life purpose.
The responsibility belongs to you.

Scary, but true.

So stop making excuses. Stop letting other’s decisions stand in the way of your own choices.

Take a stand on your life, claim ownership of your life, and start making your life a good one.


1 Comment

  1. Nice. I look at it like this: anything good in my life is a reult of listening and acting on God’s guidance, and anything less-than-great is me. This is a far cry from the days when God was blamed for every catastrophe brought on by my own foolishness.
    It is about being responsible for my choices, being a full-on adult.


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