Great storage? It’s part of the problem…

Ever gone looking for a new home, and simply drooled over the amount of cupboard space? I know I have.

But did you ever think that maybe our increasingly large cupboards, kitchens (when we’re cooking at home less than ever before!), wardrobes, under-the-home storage and garages are part of the problem, rather than being the solution?

I can't help wondering how stuffed with junk these masses of pretty cupboards are!
I can’t help wondering how stuffed with junk these masses of pretty cupboards are!

The more space we have, the more we tend to fill. Nature abhors a vacuum. It’s difficult to leave cupboards and drawers empty, and regular maintenance of our belongings can feel like hard work.

So clutter tends to happen gradually, when we’re not looking, and the more space we have, the worse the problem gets.

Worse still, paying for all that space, all that floor space, all those cupboards, and all those belongings we don’t really want or need to put in them – it all creates financial clutter. Debt.

Sometimes it feels like there’s no way out. But there is.

Time to own less.

The downsizing trend makes sense on many levels. No space to put your belongings in, and you start to question whether you need all that stuff in the first place.

Can’t fit another item into an already overstuffed drawer? Maybe something needs to go.

Can’t pay for yet another credit card? Maybe the problem isn’t a lack of cash.

Can’t keep that flat space clean? Maybe it’s time to remove that flat space in the first place.

The one thing we all seem to be lacking isn’t space, or cupboards, or wardrobe room, or money. It’s time to think and make good choices about what to do with our resources, and how to choose the best resources for us.

Maybe it’s time to stop, think, and figure out what we really need and want. And I’m pretty sure we’ll realise it isn’t more cupboards!



  1. I completely agree. We’ve been programmed to think that more is better but then we end up with so much ‘stuff’ that we could do without. So much ‘stuff’ that just sits there and doesn’t do anything and serves no one, but take up space. I’m embarking on a journey of minimalism also. In my day to day life. The less I own, the more freer I feel.

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  2. I agree. It’s not just about owning more – it’s also about the continual upgrades, and the need to continually update and be modern and trendy. There’s nothing wrong with being “out of date” – once you recognise that being “in date” is a result of pressures from companies that just want to keep us poor and stressed by selling us stuff we don’t need. It’s an eye-opening awakening!


  3. Absolutely right! Whenever I have had more space, all I do is fill it up!! We would surprise ourselves if we downsized to a smaller space and learned to live happily. Most people think it is impossible but those who learn to love what they have and live with what they have are only the wiser. 🙂 thanks for sharing!!


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