9 benefits of having a capsule wardrobe

I’ve been doing The Project 333 a full year now.

Here are 9 benefits that having a capsule wardrobe has given me:

1. I’m happier with my body. I don’t have a perfect body. Who does? But by not feeling like I have to religiously follow and fit into fashion, I’m instead choosing what works for me, with the body I have, right here and now. This has led to greater acceptance of who and what I am. I feel free.

2. I know what I need. “Gaps” in my wardrobe become immediately obvious. When I started out, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t wearing my lovely vintage shirts. Turned out, it was because I had no jeans that comfortably fit (duh!). But because I had so many clothes, I couldn’t figure this out.

3. I wear everything. There’s no wastage. Everything that is in my wardrobe and drawers fits me, looks good, is comfortable, and gets worn.

4. I make fewer mistakes. Sure, I still make some mistakes. If an item doesn’t get worn, it’s immediately obvious as I don’t have that many clothes to start with. And because I have fewer clothes, I’m seeing patterns and trends in what I like and feel comfortable wearing. Which leads on to…

5. I’ve developed my own sense of style, and I don’t follow fashion so much any more. I don’t feel the need to have “must have” items when I know they won’t suit me. For example, horizontal stripe tops are “in”. But I know they won’t suit me, so I won’t be buying. I still look current, I’m just not “trendy”.

6. Having a smaller wardrobe has taught me what I like and what I think looks good. I’ve learned, for example, that I don’t wear scarves, jewelry and accessories. I like to keep things simple. I also like real leather handbags, belts and shoes – fake doesn’t do it for me. The backbone of my wardrobe is lovely vintage shirts and dresses, supported by leather jackets, boots and bags, denim jeans and leggings.

7. I spend less, and spend more wisely. I’ve learned where to spend money and where to buy cheap. Dresses I buy cheap. T-shirts I buy cheap. Leggings I buy cheap. Shoes, jackets and belts I spend and buy quality. Overall I am spending a lot less on clothing, and my clothes are getting greater wear.

8. I’m less stressed. I don’t worry about having anything to wear, because everything in my wardrobe fits me and is wearable. Despite having fewer items, I have more to wear than I ever did before. I know I can pull anything out of my wardrobe, and it will feel great and look good.

9. Space! I have space in my wardrobe and drawers, and can see everything I own. This is so refreshing.

If you haven’t tried The Project 333, it’s worth having a go. I’d never have thought that little ole shopaholic me would have settled in to having a capsule wardrobe, but now I can’t imagine things any other way.

My capsule wardrobe, whose backbone is a range of vintage shirts, which I support with basic black and brown. Having less works so well for me.
My capsule wardrobe, whose backbone is a range of vintage shirts, which I support with basic black and brown. Having less works so well for me.


  1. This is how I feel too. In fact, I had a post scheduled for Monday on why I don’t keep many clothes 🙂 It’s nice to look in your closet and only see the stuff that you actually wear.

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  2. It really is. Before I started this project, I had so many clothes in my wardrobe I could hardly squeeze the hangers out when I needed something! These days I have more hangers than I need – I gave about 20 away, and still have too many!

    It feels GOOD 🙂


    1. You’re welcome 🙂 Having a capsule wardrobe has been a brilliant decision for me, and one I have not regretted at all. I’m glad it sounds like you’re benefitting from having a capsule wardrobe too 🙂

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