It’s time to breathe…

There’s so much pressure these days, on all of us.

We put pressure on ourselves to be perfect parents. We go back to work the moment our babies are old enough to roll over so that we can buy them everything they need. Yet we feel a heart-wrenching guilt for leaving them behind and missing so many “firsts”.

Our children go on to be pressured to achieve at school, and to be great at everything. So we give them music lessons, extra maths lessons, sports coaching, art classes.

We strive to have the perfect home, a nice car, nice clothes, great furniture. We want to fit in with others, impress them, make them jealous, climb the social ladder.

We struggle to maintain our weight, our hair, our nails, our bodies. We go to the gym and do hours of cardio, we say no to that piece of cake we really want, or we feel guilty when we say yes.

Everywhere we turn the world seems to want more from us. This hurts us, wounds us. It pulls us in so many directions that we can’t ever feel whole and healed.

Something is missing. We feel empty inside.

Draw a line in the sand…

It’s time for us to draw a line in the sand and say, You know what? It’s okay to just be ourselves.

Draw a line in the sand, and breathe.
Draw a line in the sand, and breathe.

Imperfect, human, real, complete, flawed, damaged.
Wonderful, inspired, loving, courageous, powerful, brave, open, trusting, caring.
We are all these things, and so much more.

It’s time to let go.
It’s time to breathe…

From guilt and pain to acceptance and love

If we stay at home to watch our babies turn into toddlers, we won’t ever, ever regret it. But it’s just as okay to go back to work if we need to.

No guilt. No pressure. Choose what is best for us, make the decision, move on.

It’s okay to not give our kids all those extras. They’ll be just fine as long as they are loved and cared for.

Have faith in your children. Trust them to grow strong and true. If they are loved, they will know it. They will always know it.

It’s okay to have a messy home, a rented home, a small or humble home. It’s just fine to have a home that isn’t gorgeous, as long as that home is full of love and is welcoming to others.

It’s okay to drive an old car and have old clothes. It’s okay to have an old sofa or rickety dining chairs. Old belongings sometimes have intriguing stories to tell.

It’s okay to have wrinkles, or grey hairs. They’re silver medals, all of them, for getting through life and being a star! Did you ever think of it that way?

And those wrinkles – they’re “power ups”: a maze of beauty that only the senior members of our society get to have. You’ve earned them. So enjoy them!

It’s okay to carry a little extra weight, and to take that extra piece of cake. And it’s absolutely okay to enjoy every single bite!

This world needs more love.
This world needs more thoughtfulness, and more care.
Let’s begin by loving ourselves.

It’s time to breathe.


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  1. What an uplifting and powerful message. Your post is brimming with such positive energy and I’m so glad that I read it! Thank you for sharing and making my night. I will definitely bookmark this and read it from time to time, whenever I need encouragement. Loved this!

    Liked by 2 people

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