Our Day of Rest…

Life is too busy.

So my family and I decided a while back that we’d start having Sunday as our Day of Rest.

Yes, I know that sounds all biblical and old-testamenty. And we’re not even religious! But it makes sense, and we’re not fools who would throw the baby out with the bathwater.

You see, we realised a while back that if we don’t ensure that we take time out from life, life takes over.

Every day. All the time.

If we don’t schedule breaks into our lives, there will be no breaks. If we don’t plan rest, no rest will occur.

Taking a break is important. We all need to recharge our batteries regularly, have a bit of do-nothing time, take some time out for relaxing and resting and wearing pyjamas all day and eating pancakes and popcorn – or whatever takes your fancy.

I think we forget sometimes that our rest time is important. We humans are so busy rushing on to the next big, important, big-as-our-gumboots thing that we don’t take time to stop and think, Is this really as important as doing, well, nothing?

Our day of rest is a day when we value ourselves. If we don’t do it, we soon forget to treasure ourselves and put ourselves and our families first, and we falter: get sick, get stressed, exhausted, overworked.

I think our Day of Rest important. I think we’ve got it right. And maybe a bit less work and a bit more play would make us all a bit happier.

Picton_2011 016

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