New Zealand is chasing a new flag…

We’re down to four “finalists”. They all pretty much suck, and three of the four look like they were designed by committee.

I like #hypnoflag, in the bottom left...but then, I'm a bit of a stirrer ;)
“One of these kids is not like the others…” 😉

Of course, we’ve seen them all before, and none are exactly new:


I’m favouring the black and white swirl, which has been dubbed #hynoflag by the wags on Twitter. It took a while, but it’s growing on me.

Maybe it just took a while before I learned to obey?

It’s been pointed out that three of the four also look like an amalgamation of the logos of the two major political parties of New Zealand, Labour and National.

Maybe that’s why the Flag Committee, primarily made up of members of the two, has selected three of the four designs…


Personally, I think there are better options available. Here are some of the flag designs that didn’t make the final cut:

I like the Kiwi with the laser eyes.
I like the Kiwi with the laser eyes.

Why ditch the original flag?

The current New Zealand flag is outdated and really doesn’t represent us well. For starters, we keep getting mistaken for Australia:

The Australian flag (left) and the New Zealand flag (right). Spot the difference.
The Australian flag (left) and the New Zealand flag (right). Spot the difference.

When Mother England was dealing out the flags, she didn’t really pay too much attention to such things as individuality and national identity. Besides, everyone knew that Australia and New Zealand were practically the same country anyway. So why not just give them the same flag? 😦

Of course, the whole thing is a distraction. As it’s been pointed out.


In the end, I think we should go with a flag that best represents the interests of our leaders:



  1. I have become a bit jaded with respect to democracy in the 21st century. It really seems to be government in support of corporate interests. We, the people, apparently get to eat cake- we are humored and continuously distracted with one outrageous statement after another.
    The insanity leading up to the U.S. Presidential elections, which won’t happen for OVER A YEAR, is off the charts. It’s like reality TV but FOR REAL.
    I can certainly see why a national identity that is independent of the colonial parents (and the Aussies…) is important. However, when so many other deeply relevant issues, such as jobs, healthcare, infrastructure, corporate taxation, military engagement, and international affairs to name a few, are washed over in the process, it certainly seems a little suspect.


    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I think a lot of people are feeling very disillusioned – and we’re seeing that in the reduced voter turnouts at election after election across the Western world. Then we see atrocities happenin in countries such as Syria which remind us just how important the democratic process is.

      I don’t know what the answer is. All I know is that to turn away from democracy isn’t the solution.


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