The Project 333: My second Spring…and struggles

I’ve been doing The Project 333 for just on a year now, and it has transformed my life.

The Project asks us to reduce our wardrobe to 33 items (or fewer), and to wear just those items for three months, before moving on to the new season.

It encourages us to think before we buy, plan our lives, and consider our ecological and economical wellbeing.

I’m loving The Project 333, but I’m still struggling in a few areas.

1. I’m still living in workout clothing.

I have a separate gym capsule, but I need to keep “workout for workout”. Its one of the Rules of The Project, and I keep on breaking it. I need to get into the habit of keeping workout clothing for workout only.

2. I can’t seem to let go of my “boxed” clothing.

I’ve cleared my wardrobe, and I’ve boxed up my unworn clothing. That was the easy part! Getting rid of the boxed items – not so easy! I’m finding it really hard to let some items move on.

I don’t know why. I know I don’t wear them. Some little part of me keeps telling me that maybe I’ll wear them one day, or maybe I’ll need them – for something. But I need to toughen up and say goodbye, Marie Condo style…

3. Jewelry – how to let it go.

As the only girl in my family, I inherited a lot of jewelry, and was given a lot more. It sells for next to nothing, so selling it seems pointless, and I don’t wear it, but once again, I find it hard to let it go.

I don’t even understand why I’m holding on to it.


4. Impulse buying.

I’m still buying on impulse. It’s really cut down, but I’ve still been buying things online, and I still don’t understand why I do this.

I seem to get into a craze where I buy lots of things, then a lull when I don’t, and I know the problem is in my head.

Sometimes I don’t understand myself. It’s like I’m hoping that buying these things will give me happiness or…something.

Overall I’m doing well. My wardrobe is down to about 30 items for day-to-day, and about 10 for gym. I’ll post my Spring Capsule in a separate post. But there are all those boxed items I need to say goodbye to, and that I’m struggling with.

I’ll get there. But I felt that this is one aspect of minimalism that needed to be talked about – how hard it is to change and fight old habits.

Do you have a Minimalist Wardrobe? What aspects do you find hard?


  1. Just a thought: are there any other girls in the family that you can pass the jewelry along to in the future? If not, how about an in-law? I love everything that has been passed to me from my family — even though I have minimized a lot in my life, my jewelry gives me many happy feelings, especially when explaining what came from where.

    As for the boxed clothing, I understand! It took me maybe a year before I was able to let them go, and there are still some in storage. Maybe another year? lol


    1. I’ve passed on a lot of it, but there’s so much of it, and the girls in the family aren’t yet old enough to look after it.

      But yeah, eventually they’ll get the valuable pieces but in the meanwhile I’m stuck with it… 😦 I’m selling some of it too, and giving some to charity. It’s gradually whittling down!


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