The hummingbird

I inherited a hummingbird brooch from grandma.
It was cloisonne: red, green, blue on gold.
All vibrant colours. A work of art.

I never wore it.
I don’t know why.

I think…it just wasn’t me.

I don’t have it now.
The brooch is gone from me.
I gave it away to a friend who loves it and wears it.
She cherishes it in a way I never did.
She wears it often.
It reminds her of our friendship.

It can be hard to pass on belongings we inherit.
But an item is not a person:
It’s just a thing.
Just stuff.

I don’t think my grandma gave me that brooch
So it could sit in a jewelry box, unworn.
I think she would smile
To see my friend, a good person,
Wearing it proudly,
Looking so beautiful:
So happy.

The hummingbird flies again in the joy it brings my friend.
That is what gifts are for: To be used, enjoyed
And passed on with a generous heart
To those who will use them again.


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