How to be happy in 3 simple steps

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

I’m not rich, not famous, not even remotely successful in my career – and yet I’m happy.
I don’t own lots of stuff – and I think I own way too much – and yet I’m happy.
I’m not beautiful, or thin, or particularly clever – and yet I’m happy.
I’m not powerful, or incredibly wise, or amazingly talented – and yet I’m happy.

When I look back on what I thought would make me happy, and what actually does, I realise they’re completely different.

So here’s what makes me happy: Knowing I am enough.

I’m wealthy enough to support my family and not need society’s help.
I own enough to live comfortably, to be warm in winter, to have clothes that fit me and wear well.
I look in the mirror and I am content. Just content with how I look. I’ve made peace with my excess flab, and I know my partner loves every part of me – the good, and not-so-good.
I have a circle of friends who care deeply for me, and a wider community I give back to with time, and effort, and intent.
I live in a country free from wars, and excess danger.

The funny thing is, most of us have everything that I do.
I’m not particularly lucky.
But knowing what we have – knowing our blessings – makes all the difference.

So – how to be happy?
1. Look around.
2. Know your blessings.
3. Be thankful.

It’s that simple.



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