Don’t seek perfection

Are you a perfectionist? I know I am.

I write music – but while other people love my music, it’s never good enough for me.

I write books – but the editing work takes longer than the creative process. Once I begin to edit, I find flaw after flaw, and the tasks seem never done.

It doesn’t matter what you’re good at, or how good you are at it – if you’re a perfectionist, you’ll always find the weaknesses in your achievements.

You came second? You’ll wish you came first. You came first? You’ll look for a bigger field to compete in. You’re the best in the biggest field? You’ll seek to win again and again.

Yet we weren’t built to be perfect. Nature abhors perfection. Humans are flawed and imperfect by our very nature. It’s built-in – our flaws and errors are the very process by which evolution takes place, enabling us to grow, transform, change.

So what I’m saying is, seek your own nature, wherever that leads you. Don’t seek to be some perfect other, dictated by the whims of fashion or society.

Be content with who, and what, you are. Seek wisdom and achievement, but not at the expense of madness.

More isn’t better, and neither is bigger, richer, or flashier.

There is truth in small and simple.

Seek the truth in who you are – the small and simple of who you are – and be content.


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