So much stuff! Moving out…

I’m selling my farm and moving on. We’re hoping to put the farm on the market when the season opens in August, and I think it will sell quickly as it is an excellent property and the market is hot.

Mow it’s getting close, I’ve realized just how much stuff I have! Yes, I’ve been reducing my belongings for the past few years and, by modern standards, I own very little. But there’s still an awful lot, including a large house full of furniture, and somehow I’m going to have to deal with it.

I have no idea how!

Over time, I’ve questioned a lot of my belongings. We’ve reduced down from four big bookcases stuffed full to two that have barely anything in them. We’ve culled almost all our CDs and DVDs.

My wardrobe has been following The Project 333 for nearly two years now and I’m very happy with owning a capsule wardrobe, with no plans to change. We’ve significantly reduced the amount of clothes the kids have, realising they needed a lot less that we used to think.

And toys! Well, we’ve reduced so many and miss none of them!

The kitchen has been sorted through and is a lot more sparse than it used to be. My drawers and cupboards are organised – you can see what’s in them at a glance these days. It’s refreshing. Even my undersink cabinet is clean and tidy – the plumber can call without fearing what he’ll find! 🙂

Yet still there is so much to go. When we moved in, we had 42 boxes that came with us. These days, I think we might have 25, if we counted. But still so much.

I’ve learned the art of decluttering and selling and reducing, but it is a slow process, and now we have little time to do the rest before we sell.

When we have our open homes, I want the house to look as minimalist as possible. I’ll get there, but it will be a busy time until then.

Wish me luck!


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