Take a step back…

“If everything that is really so small suddenly seems too big, take a step back.”

Sometimes we get all caught up in workplace drama, or the bickering between friends, or even the latest reality TV instalment.

All these little things seem so important to us at the time – so much so that it’s hard to see out of the mess. We become involved and intense, the little things overshadowing everything that is truly important in our lives.

I realised this recently, when the drama in a community with which I’m involved spilled over among my friends, and even affected my mental wellbeing.

So I did the sensible thing. I took two weeks away from it all – I said nothing, did nothing – and took that time to regroup, reflect, and nourish my own soul yet again.

It was one of the best small things I’ve ever done, and truly helped put all the nonsense into perspective again.

The truth is, there will always be drama.
Friends will always bicker.
Needy people will always need.
And some people seem to lurch from one tragedy in their lives to the next, dragging us all into the maelstrom if we’ll let them.

Don’t let them.

Time for reflection can truly help. If everything that is really so small suddenly seems too big, take a step back.

Care for yourself again.
Stop giving so much of yourself and your time to others.

You might just find, as I did, that all those little things are just little things after all.


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