“I might just need it someday…”

I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve held on to belongings, convinced that although I didn’t need the whatever-it-was right now I just had to keep it.

Because I might just need it some day.

I kept a spare belt, a pair of shoes that never quite fit, a white shirt that never suited me but that every fashion expert told me I just had to have – all these things and so much more, because somehow I was convinced I had to have them.

I was wrong.

I don’t even know what I thought would happen if I let them go. Did I expect that some morning I would wake up and need them, or miss them? Not really.

It was more the fact that letting good items go forced me to accept the bad decisions I’d made in my life, and the waste of money I’d committed.

Confronting my mistakes was hard. It forced me to accept my humanity. It also forced me to accept that I, like everyone else, was susceptible to marketing, and to sales pitches, and to silly fashion advice that didn’t work for me even though it might work for someone else.

I had to develop inner strength to let it all go. That sounds silly, but I did. It took time, and a lot of effort. And sometimes I still struggle because I’m not a perfect minimalist and I still make mistakes.

That’s okay. Life is a journey, and it is meant to be a journey of growth and change.

But you know what? When I did finally let all that stuff go, I never missed any of it. All I felt was…release.


And it was good.


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