Letting my wedding dress go

Today I finally decided it was time to let my wedding dress go.

I looked beautiful on my wedding day. To be honest, I think it was the first day in my life that I ever truly felt beautiful.


It’s been 18 years since I got married, and a lot of water has passed under that bridge – including a separation.

Don’t get me wrong. My ex-husband and I, unlike many, remain good friends, and we’re very much in agreement about caring for our kids. But we were two people heading in different directions in our lives, and we knew it was time to move on from one another.

So despite the fact that the marriage is over, I’d say it was a successful one, with lots of happy memories. I’m blessed and thankful for that, and don’t regret marrying him one bit.

So today I finally decided it was time to let my wedding dress go. I feel sad, and almost scared, to pass it on to charity, but I know that sometimes we need to prune the old stuff to let the new roses bloom.

It’s time to let the new roses bloom.



    1. That’s reasonable 🙂 Keep it until she changes her mind, but you might want to get it properly boxed and stored in the meantime, if it’s not going to be used for a while – one of my friends wanted to use her mother’s old gown, but when it came out of storage there was mildew and an awful smell, and it had to be binned 😦 That’s the last thing anyone would want.


  1. Thanks for being an inspiration in letting go of something so sentimental. In Singapore, most brides rent our gowns (yes gownS), so I personally do not have to bear with such an exercise. Good on you! 🙂


    1. Renting is a much better idea! Smart move 🙂 When the time comes for my daughter to get married, I hope I’ll be able to convince her to rent her dress instead of buying – so much more sensible 🙂

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