What are you afraid of? It’s time to let go!

So much of our stuff we hang on to through fear.

Here are 17 reasons why we might be afraid to let go of all our clutter. Do some of these sound familiar?

  1. Fear we might need the thing tomorrow.
  2. Fear that old table of grandpa’s we always hated “might suddenly be worth something.”
  3. Fear the person who gave us our stuff might be upset if we get rid of it.
  4. Fear we might miss our old belongings, because they give us comfort.
  5. Fear we might change our mind and want the whatever-it-was back.
  6. Fear that we’ll fall on hard times and really need to sell the cheap jewellery our first boyfriend gave us.
  7. Fear that we wasted lots of money on stuff we didn’t need and we’re actually a bit of a fool.
  8. Fear granddad’s soul will rise from the grave if we sell his old, dilapidated chair.
  9. Fear the zombies will come and we really will need those hundreds of sachets of salt and pepper from McDonalds!
  10. Fear our children will hate us if we clean their rooms and throw away their forgotten toys, rubbish, and outgrown clothing.
  11. Fear that we’re a failure because we really were going to lose the weight and get into that old dress again someday.
  12. Fear that if we throw out our teenage clothes we actually are growing old after all!
  13. Fear that if we get rid of all those expensive hair tonics we really are bald, and the comb-over isn’t fooling anyone!
  14. Fear that throwing out expensive mistakes in our closets confirms that we actually did make mistakes. We’re human! Oh no!
  15. Fear that maybe we’re not the quilter / seamstress / mosaic artist we hoped we’d be when we bought all those craft supplies.
  16. Fear that grandma’s ghost will come back and haunt us if we sell her old china!
  17. Fear that our babies really have grown up and they don’t need their bunny rugs any more.


Let it go.
Let it all go.
It’s just stuff.

1 Comment

  1. I donated 5 bags of stuff this past weekend, some clothes that I haven’t worn in 2years! Life is too short to wear uncomfortable clothes! And a soup tureen that was used once in 12 years….really a soup tureen. The stove with the pot of soup is 4 steps was from the table why would I use a tureen.


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