Bring home memories, not clutter

Overseas souvenir shops sell mostly junk. When you buy stuff on holidays, most of it is rubbish that you’d never buy at home.

So don’t.

Do you really need that miniature plastic Eiffel Tower to show you’ve been to Paris, or that pair of mouse ears to prove you’ve done Disney? Who are you trying to impress?

Does clutter – no matter where it’s from – ever really impress anyone?

These days, when I travel overseas, I pack light. Last time I travelled to Europe I brought just one single carry-on suitcase plus a handbag for an entire month. That was all I needed. While away, I bought a couple of fridge magnets as mementos, and a ring when I was in Spain. I didn’t need any more.

Don’t waste your time buying clutter when you travel. Spend your holiday forming lovely memories instead.

You won’t regret it.

In the rose gardens of Madrid, Spain, at high summer.
In the rose gardens of Madrid, Spain, at high summer.


  1. Were you to go to our blog from last December you would find we agree — but not quite. Long ago we decided just to buy Christmas ornaments. When we decorate before Christmas, they bring back memories. When we put them away in January, they bring back memories. The rest of the year, we don’t have to dust them.

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    1. I did the Christmas ornament thing, but now I’m finding I’ve done so much travel that I have too many Christmas ornaments, and have had to declutter them too. But yes, that’s one idea I know a lot of people do that works for them 🙂 And not having to dust them is a HUGE plus! 🙂


  2. This is a great point! Make memories. I got rid of a lot of these knick knacks and feel a lot better without them. And guess what… my memories remain! Thanks for sharing and check me out at!


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