What is minimalism? Not just weird art…

Minimalism is…

  • A growing movement in response to the crazy consumerist lifestyle that is killing our communities and destroying our planet.

  • A way out of the madness…a breath of fresh air…a way to find peace and solitude.

  • An understanding that less is more, and that too much stuff makes life stressed and difficult.

  • A recognition that there is such a thing as enough.
  • A philosophy that teaches calm, common-sense and practicality.
  • An idea that can work with any religion… or no religion at all.
  • A way to reflect on who we are and what we truly need to be happy.
  • A desire to place people and communities above things and profits.
  • An understanding that stuff will never truly fulfil us and make us happy.
  • Knowledge that the best things in life aren’t things.


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