Put yourself out of a job

I put myself out of work last year.

I was no longer a dishwasher. These days, the kids do the washing. And the drying.

My career as a maker of beds ended dramatically. Now I only make our queen bed, and 4/5ths of my workload has disappeared.

My advanced skills in sandwich-making are no longer required. Our four kids now make their own lunches, and I am gainfully unemployed in the artistry of unwrapping cheese and tossing muesli bars into lunchboxes.

My vacuuming qualification are now unnecessary. I’m outta work and my skills with the vacuum, the mop AND the duster are unwanted.

My hairdressing experience is no longer desirable. My spawn wash their own hair… and even the rest of their bodies – although they DO need reminding (especially the boys!) 😉

My washerwoman career is on notice. I’m not entirely out of work in this field, but it won’t be long until I’m given my marching orders.

The job of a parent…

The job of a parent is to no longer be a parent. To put ourselves out of a job.

The task of a mother and a father is to raise other mothers and fathers who can. in turn, raise their own children to be good parents too.

This is the project of humanity. This is, in the end, what we’re all about.

It’s our role to teach our kids all the skills they will need to be fully functioning adults, capable of looking after themselves and others.

They need to learn responsibility before they gain rights – and the best way to teach responsibility is by doing the things they will need to do as adults.

Just as we teach the road code before we hand over the keys, we need to teach basic living skills before a child becomes an adult.


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