Responsibilities before rights

Want to raise a great kid? Teach them responsibilities before rights.

Teach them to say please – without prompting – before they get the cookie. They’ll learn manners.

Teach them to clean their room and make their bed before they get to go out with their friends. They’ll learn tidiness and cleanliness.

Teach them to do their homework and chores before they get to relax for the evening. They’ll learn duty and solid work ethics they can depend on through life.

Hitting reality

In the real world you have to do the work before you get paid.

You have to earn and save the money before you get to spend it.

You have to learn the road code before you get the keys to the car, and you have to earn that promotion before you receive it.

Nobody likes an idiot who thinks the world owes them a living, and the world has no time for an adult who still behaves like a spoiled child.

Teach your child that they must give in order to receive, that they must work before they can play.

You’ll be teaching them one of life’s greatest lessons.


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